​​​​​​​Nike Running Club was born in New York City as urban runners began flooding the streets with one mentality: we run NYC. The urban buzz caught on and the pacer programs that had been put into place in the mecca city of running, started to become the core ideology in cities around the country, and the world. 

In partnership with key Nike Brand Directors, Nike’s Global Running Coach, Coach Bennett lead the charge of newly elected Nike Running Coaches and Pacer’s that were flown in from around the world to learn, participate, and bring back leading innovation to their respective cities.

Creative Deck - Friday

Ready Set Go Run

Client: Nike; Categories: Nike Running; Creative Agency: MKTG Adam Schiff, Oswald Myers, Abigail Moore; Senior Art Director/Creative Lead: Rose Gold; Senior Producer: Claire Gardner; Producers: Chris Allen, Jason Skipper, Rebecca Mergot; Project Manager: Julie Ho